TheInbetweenersMovie….MyReview (via TheDiariesOfARockDweller)

If you’re not English or if you don’t watch BBC America, then you probably have no idea what this fellow is talking about.

On the other hand, if you are any of the above, then you know this is a genuine phenomenon.

Finally saw it last night.   I’m a relative newcomer to The Inbetweeners.  I’m not really a fan of this type of humour and I was quite adamant that, without watching it, that I wouldn’t actually like it.  One night, the DVD’s were popped in and I was reading a magazine.  Occasionally my eyes would pop up to have a look at the screen, and I would have a slight laugh.  After sitting though a couple of episodes, I gave up trying to read and watched … Read More

via TheDiariesOfARockDweller

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I'm an award-winning journalist in Harrisburg, Pa. I also run and cook all the things.
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