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The 20 Most Re-Watchable Movies Of All Time.

This Isn’t My List … … but is the list of another blogger here on WordPress. Some of his choices are pretty intriguing: “Reservoir Dogs,” (concur), “There’s Something About Mary,” (non-concur). “There are some films that, for one reason or … Continue reading

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No Love For “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”

Makes you wonder if maybe Megan Fox got herself fired on purpose. The critics have opened fire with both barrels on the latest installment in Michael Bay’s toy robot saga. Writing in Rolling Stone, Peter Travers is particularly brutal. This … Continue reading

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Ace Drummond (USA, 1936)

Name: Ace Drummond Release Date: 1936 Writers: Wyndham Gittens, Norman S. Hall, Ray Trampe and Eddie Rickenbacker Director: Ford Beebe, Clifford Smith Cast: John ‘Dusty’ King: Ace Drummond Jean Rogers: Peggy Trainor Noah Beery Jr.: Jerry Guy Bates Post: The … Continue reading

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Trailer Trash: Apollo 18.

Here’s a sneak-peek … … at this summer’s space-conspiracy-opera “Apollo 18.” Looks intriguing. I’ll have to add it to the growing list of movies that I want to see this summer (and the queue is getting deep.). h/t to the … Continue reading

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Weekend Box Office And One To Read.

Lukewarm box office returns … … didn’t keep filmgoers from flocking to the power of Green Lantern’s light this weekend. The DC Comics superhero finished atop the box office heap. As always, here’s the weekend, by the numbers: Name: Weekend: … Continue reading

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An Early Thumbs-Down For “Green Lantern” From The Washington Post.

Uh-oh. Writing in this morning’s edition of The Washington Post, critic Mark Jenkins says the new “Green Lantern” vehicle is “passable, plausible and none-too-illuminating.” The suits at DC/Warners better hope that the willpower of fanboys and casual theater-goers is stronger … Continue reading

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Does The World Really Need “A Planet of the Apes” prequel?

If, like me, you loved the original “Planet of the Apes” series because it was equal parts 1960s cheeseball science-fiction and astute social commentary on the Civil Rights era, you’re probably shaking your head at the news that the films … Continue reading

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Weekend Box Office And One To Read.

Moviegoers Were In A Retro Mood … … this weekend as J.J. Abrams’ pastiche of late-1970s filmmaking, “Super 8,” finished atop the box office heap. Here’s the weekend’s haul, by the numbers: Name: Weekend: Total: 1. Super 8 $38m $38m … Continue reading

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Jean Harlow: An Appreciation.

Do Yourself A Favor … … and click over to The Observer of London’s “New Review” section today and read Peter Conrad’s appreciation of screen goddess Jean Harlow. Because before there was a Charlize or an Angelina, there was Harlow. … Continue reading

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How To Become A Film Noir Expert.

Now Here’s An Item … … that makes me smile. The English movie mag Empire is running a feature on its Web site promising a crash course in all things film noir. The feature promises to make you an expert … Continue reading

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