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“Titanic” Cast On Why The Story Endures.

On the occasion of the 3D cash-in re-release of James Cameron’s 1997 ship opera, the cast talks about why the real tragedy of the Titanic remains such a compelling subject for filmmakers and artists. “Titanic” Cast On Why The Story … Continue reading

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Teaser Trailer For “Twilight: Breaking Dawn2” Released.

So it’s come to this: We now have trailers for trailers designed to incite excitement for movies that have yet to come out. But because I know nothing drives traffic quite like mentioning TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN, ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN … Continue reading

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New “Mirror Mirror” TV Spot Debuts.

Here’s a new television commercial for the Tarsem Singh-directed version of the classic “Snow White” fairy tale. Lily Collins and Julia Roberts star. (h/t TotalFilm)

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New “Wrath of the Titans” Images Released.

No. I still don’t understand why they felt the need for a sequel. And, no, I also don’t understand why they felt the need to remake the 1981 original starring Harry Hamlin. But, nonetheless, here’s a few new pix from … Continue reading

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New “Upside Down” Trailer Hits The Web.

Good Morning, everyone. Here’s the official trailer for “Upside Down,” a new sci-fi romance starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst. According to /film, the two actors star as lovers who “inhabit two different worlds, visualized in the film as inverted … Continue reading

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The Five Faces Of “The Great Gatsby:” The Trouble With Getting A Great Book Right On Film.

With the release this week of new set photos of the Baz Luhrman-directed “The Great Gatsby” hitting the Web, I got to thinking about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale of The Jazz Age and why, despite the best efforts of … Continue reading

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A “Before Sunrise” Sequel?

If, like me, you were a 20something slacker in the early 1990s, then the chances are pretty good that you have a soft spot for director Richard Linklater’s series of “Sunrise” movies. The films, which starred ur-Slacker Ethan Hawke and … Continue reading

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