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Confidential Agent (1945, USA)

So here’s a movie that historical amnesiacs and social-realists can both adore.

Based on a Graham Greene novel of the same name (“The Confidential Agent” — why Warners chose to drop the definite article is something of a mystery) is an odd film that sits somewhere between romance, thriller and war movie. Continue reading

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The Hunt For Red October (1990, USA)

Title: The Hunt For Red October Release Date: 1990 Director: John McTiernan Writers: Tom Clancy (novel); Larry Ferguson and Donald Stewart (screenplay) Cast: Sean Connery: Marko Ramius Alec Baldwin: Jack Ryan Scott Glenn : Bart Mancuso Sam Neill: Captain Borodin … Continue reading

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Whip It (2009, USA)

Title: Whip It Release Date: October 2009 Director: Drew Barrymore Writer: Shauna Cross Cast: Ellen Page: Bliss Cavendar Marcia Gay Harden: Brooke Cavendar Kristen Wiig: Maggie Mayhem Drew Barrymore: Smashley Simpson Juliette Lewis: Iron Maven Jimmy Fallon: ‘Hot Tub’ Johnny … Continue reading

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Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?

Greetings! If you’ve made it this far, it means that, just like me, you’re a movie buff. You’re not necessarily a student of cinema, mind. You don’t necessarily know your Herzog from your Hitchcock. And maybe you confuse the two … Continue reading

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