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More Music & Movies: Bandwagon (USA, 1997)

Good Lord, how I love this cult favorite about a ne’er-do-well indie band from North Carolina. It came out when I was living and working in Winston-Salem. N.C., and just seemed to sum up everything I loved about the late … Continue reading

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Empire reviews “The Amazing Spiderman.”

It hasn’t opened on our side of the pond yet, but our English cousins are getting first crack at Marc Webb’s “Amazing Spiderman.” Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans and Emma Stone star. Here’s part of the review from Brit film mag … Continue reading

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First Look: The trailer and promo poster for Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby.

If you’re a regular reader of this space, then you know that my trepidation when it comes to big-screen adaptations of “The Great Gatsby” is pretty well-established. Over a half-dozen iterations, no one’s really come close to capturing the spirit … Continue reading

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A Cineaste Guest Post: An Extended Analysis of “The Avengers.”

(Editor’s Note: This guest post comes courtesy of my longtime pal, work colleague and occasional editor Michael Duck. He runs a great lit mag called Crunchable and has been kind enough, over the years, to publish some of my non-fiction … Continue reading

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The Observer Reviews “Marley.”

I’m completely fascinated by Kevin MacDonald’s epic biopic of the late reggae singer, who died 30 years ago at the age of 36. Writing in The Observer of London this morning, critic Phillip French offers his take on the movie. … Continue reading

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The Five Funniest Movies Of All Time?

Empire magazine is looking for your vote. Can you whittle down the list to a top five? Which movies, over and over, just make you crack up? You can click through on the link or leave your own thoughts in … Continue reading

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Critical Mass: “Wrath of the Titans” Is A Mess.

Welcome back to “Critical Mass,” a periodic look at the prevailing critical thought on the newest movies. Really, I should have resurrected this for “Hunger Games” last weekend. But you’ll have to do with the latest blockbuster retelling of the … Continue reading

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