Empire reviews “The Amazing Spiderman.”

It hasn’t opened on our side of the pond yet, but our English cousins are getting first crack at Marc Webb’sAmazing Spiderman.” Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans and Emma Stone star.

Here’s part of the review from Brit film mag Empire. Click through at your peril, spoilers lurk.

“Graced with great performances from Garfield and Stone, The Amazing Spider-Man is a rare comic-book flick that is better at examining relationships than superheroism. If it doesn’t approach the current benchmark of Avengers Assemble, it still delivers a different enough, enjoyable origin story to live comfortably alongside the Raimi era. ”

Read the full story here.

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I'm an award-winning journalist in Harrisburg, Pa. I also run and cook all the things.
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