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Wait? The Muppets Are Communist??

Because nothing screams “Red Menace” like a multibillion film franchise put out by a corporate studio that stands to make even more money from toy, fast-food and other merchandise tie-ins. When will the madness ever end? From Slate this morning: … Continue reading

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A Reason To Be Thankful: The Muppets Are Back.

Oh Yeah. I’ll be so taking my wife and daughter to see this over the holiday weekend.

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The Muppets Go Twilight.

One Of The Best Parts … … of the marketing campaign for this month’s “Muppets” movie is the knowing and very snarky marketing campaign that Disney has launched to support the film. In trailers and posters, Kermit and pals have … Continue reading

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New ‘Muppets’ Trailer Hits The Web.

If, Like Me … … you grew up watching “The Muppet Show” in syndication in the 1970s and still have fond memories of that first, immortal “Muppet Movie” flick, then this will do your heart good. An added bonus, the … Continue reading

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