Wait? The Muppets Are Communist??

These two kind of look like Lenin and Trotsky -- if you squint.

Because nothing screams “Red Menace” like a multibillion film franchise put out by a corporate studio that stands to make even more money from toy, fast-food and other merchandise tie-ins. When will the madness ever end?

From Slate this morning:

“Fox Business Network did its best last week to match the Fox News Channel’s great tradition of surreal, self-parodying, manufactured outrage. Their latest target: The Muppets.

In a Follow the Money segment, host Eric Bolling and guest Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center went after the latest Muppet movie’s anti-corporate message, equating the film with Communist propaganda. Though we can’t wait to see how Jon Stewart handles the episode on The Daily Show, the Twitterverse seems to have already beat him to the best punch line.

The Twitterati have suggested that House Republicans investigate the potentially un-American activities of Kermit, Fozzy, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo (especially Gonzo, obviously) with the popular hashtag #GOPMuppetHearings. It seems to have started, or at least started to take off, with this straightforward Tweet by blogger Oliver Willis:

“Mr. The Frog, have you ever been a communist?” #GOPMuppetHearings

Slate’s own judicial columnist Dahlia Lithwick helped keep the ball rolling:

Talk a little more about this whole “rainbow connection” #GOPMuppetHearings.”

This is why I love Twitter so.

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