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New Japanese “Battleship” Trailer Has More Explosions And Stuff.

Once again, I just want to know where they’re going to stick the little red and white pegs on the boats. But, because I can: Here’s the Japanese trailer for “Battleship.” New Japanese “Battleship” Trailer Has More Expl…, posted with … Continue reading

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Go Behind the Scenes of “The Hunger Games”

As of this writing, there’s fewer than two weeks remaining before Suzann Collins’ YA bestseller hits the big screen. To whet your appetite, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the film. It opens March 23 in the U.S., overseas, and, for … Continue reading

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Six Reasons To Love Motion Capture

With the release of “The Adventures of Tintin” upon us, The Guardian makes the case for why you should love motion-capture cinema. Here’s one reason: “Eerie Resemblance Characters should look a bit – but not quite – like those playing … Continue reading

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