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Carey Mulligan: “On the surface she is a sweet girl, but let me tell you, she is a freakin’ tiger with claws.”

Actress Carey Mulligan opens up to The Daily Beast’s Lorenza Munoz about her turn in director Steve McQueen’s “Shame” opposite Michael Fassbender and how playing “Nina” in Chekhov’s “The Seagull” helped her prepare for the role: “For a couple of … Continue reading

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Hedy Lamarr Invented The Cell Phone. You’re Welcome.

In Addition To Being … … one of Hollywood’s classic sirens, actress Hedy Lamarr was also crazy smart. How smart? Smart enough to develop the tech allowing you to send mobile photos of dancing cats, cute babies and dumb skater … Continue reading

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How To Tell If You’re Having Your Moment, Zooey Deschanel.

In a story posted to its website, two scribes at men’s mag GQ argue the case for and against Zooey Deschanel, who’s having something of a moment right now with her Fox sitcom “The New Girl,” not to mention her … Continue reading

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Film Freaks Launch Effort To Save “Living Dead” Cemetery Chapel.

Here’s a cool story from my own state of Pennsylvania about an effort to save a cemetery chapel that featured in George Romero’s legendary 1968 zombie flick “Night of the Living Dead.” It’s spearheaded by a guy named Gary Streiner, … Continue reading

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Moore. Roger Moore.

The Guardian Has A Great Interview … … with former “James Bond” actor Roger Moore. The newspaper finds the 84-year-old thespian in fine fettle. And he remains as dryly funny as he was when he had a license to kill … Continue reading

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New Tom Cruise Movie Filming In Pittsburgh And A Look At Pennsylvania’s Film Tax Credit.

From On Location Vacations: “Filming in Pennsylvania: “One Shot,” starring Tom Cruise, is filming in Pittsburgh.” If you’re a regular reader of this blog, and you’ve clicked on the “So You’re Probably Wondering” link on the top of this page, … Continue reading

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Filmdom’s Best Foot Chases.

The folks at Empire have one of the best lists I’ve seen in a while: The best foot chases in all of cinema. Here’s one from “Kung Fu Hustle.” You can read the full list of 37 best chases here. … Continue reading

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