Filmdom’s Best Foot Chases.

The folks at Empire have one of the best lists I’ve seen in a while: The best foot chases in all of cinema.

Here’s one from “Kung Fu Hustle.” You can read the full list of 37 best chases here.

I’ve always been partial to the chase scene in “The Harder They Come,” which has Jimmy Cliff chasing someone while Toots & the Maytals’Pressure Drop” plays in the background.

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1 Response to Filmdom’s Best Foot Chases.

  1. Marc says:

    Great stuff! I’d have added two scenes from “Heat” (bank robbery scene – classic — and DeNiro/Pacino showdown at the end), and Eastwood chasing down Malkovich in “In The Line Of Fire”

    Point Break is still one of my favorites. Great chase scene ending with Johnny Utah screaming “NOOOOOO!!!!!!” hahaha

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