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Control (UK, 2007)

Name: Control Release Date: 2007 Director: Anton Corbjin Writers: Deborah Curtis (book), Matt Greenhalgh (screenplay) Cast: Sam Riley: Ian Curtis Samantha Morton: Debbie Curtis Alexandra Maria Lara: Annik Honore Joe Anderson: Peter Hook James Anthony Pearson: Bernard Sumner Harry Treadaway: … Continue reading

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Fanboys (USA, 2008)

Name: Fanboys Release Date: 2008 Director: Kyle Newman Writers: Ernest Cline, Adam F. Goldberg and Dan Pulick Cast: Sam Huntington: Eric Chris Marquette: Linus Dan Fogler: Hutch Jay Baruchel: Windows Kristen Bell: Zoe David Denman: Chaz Christopher McDonald: Big Chuck … Continue reading

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The Rolling Stones, Live at the Max (UK, 1991)

Name: Live at the Max Release Date: 1991 Directors: Noel Archambault, David Douglas, Roman Kroitor, Julien Temple and Christine Strand. Run-Time: 90 mins. Studio: Promotour USA When I was a freshman in college, an amazingly cool girl who lived up … Continue reading

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Two Lovers (USA, 2008)

Name: Two Lovers Release Date: 2008 Director: James Gray Writers: James Gray, Ric Menello Cast: Joaquin Phoenix: Leonard Kraditor Vinessa Shaw: Sandra Cohen Gwyneth Paltrow: Michelle Rausch Isabella Rossellini: Ruth Kraditor Moni Moshonov: Reuben Kraditor Julie Budd: Carol Cohen Bob … Continue reading

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Flashbacks Of A Fool (UK, 2008)

Title: Flashbacks of a Fool Release Date: 2008 Director: Baillie Walsh Writer: Baillie Walsh Cast: Daniel Craig: Adult Joe Scot Julie Ordon: Carrie Ann Gina Athans: Apple Eve: Ophelia Franklin Olivia Williams: Grace Scot Jodhi May : Evelyn Adams Keeley … Continue reading

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The March Of Time (USA, 1935-67)

Title: The March of Time Release Date: 1935-1967 Writers: Richard and Louis de Rochemont Created By: Roy Edward Larsen Run-Time: 30 mins. When I was kid growing up in Connecticut, our local PBS station used to run a show called … Continue reading

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Weekend At Bernie’s (USA, 1989)

Title: Weekend at Bernie’s Release Date: 1989 Director: Ted Kotcheff Cast: Andrew McCarthy: Larry Wilson Jonathan Silverman: Richard Parker Catherine Mary Stewart: Gwen Saunders Terry Kiser: Bernie Lomax Don Calfa: Paulie, Vito’s Hit Man Catherine Parks: Tina, Vito’s Girl Eloise … Continue reading

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How To Lose Friends and Alienate People (UK, 2008)

Title: How To Lose Friends and Alienate People Release Date: 2008 Director: Robert B. Weide Writers: Toby Young (book), Peter Straughan (screenplay) Cast: Simon Pegg: Sidney Young Megan Fox: Sophie Maes Gillian Anderson: Eleanor Johnson Jeff Bridges: Clayton Harding Kirsten … Continue reading

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Another Fine Mess (USA, 1930)

Title: Another Fine Mess Release Date: 1930 Director: James Parrott Writer: H.M. Walker Cast: Stan Laurel: Stan Oliver Hardy: Ollie Thelma Todd: Lady Plumtree James Finlayson: Colonel Wilburforce Buckshot Charles K. Gerrard: Lord Leopold Ambrose Plumtree Run-Time: 30 mins. Studio:Hal … Continue reading

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