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B-Movie Legend Roger Corman Talks About His Life and Work

B-Movie Legend Roger Corman … … sits down with The Hollywood Reporter about his life and work and the new documentary: “Roger Corman: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel.” Here’s the nut graf: “Corman, who has been called “the king of … Continue reading

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“The Iron Lady”: First Screening.

Writing in The Guardian this morning, critic Xan Brooks takes a look at “Iron Lady,” the Meryl Streep-starring biopic of longtime U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Here’s the nut graf: “While one doubts whether Baroness Thatcher would wholeheartedly approve of … Continue reading

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A Sneak Peek At Milla Jovovich On New “Resident Evil” Set.

Here’s a look at the gear actress Milla Jovovich is sporting on the set of the latest “Resident Evil” flick. The movie hits theaters in September 2012. (h/t to ComicBookMovie)

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