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Ken Russell, RIP.

The famed British director has died, aged 84. Here’s his obit, courtesy of The Guardian. “Ken Russell, the director behind the Oscar-winning Women in Love has died aged 84. Russell died on Sunday in his sleep, according to his friend, … Continue reading

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New “Underworld” Promo Photos Released.

Since a picture speaks 1,000 words, I’m just going to get out of the way. The fourth installment of the werewolves v. vampires franchise hits theaters in January. (h/t SpoilerTV)

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New “John Carter” Promo Photos Released.

I haven’t talked much about this one, but I’m mildly curious about the upcoming adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ pulp character from his “Barsoom” series. If your only knowledge of Burroughs comes from his better-known “Tarzan,” here’s a quick thumbnail: … Continue reading

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The Daily Dark Knight: More Details For The Fanboys.

A total nerdgasm here (courtesy of Comic Book Movie): The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue will be released on Dec 21 with M:I4, but *only* in theatres with a proper film projector – no digital!  So make sure it’s a proper 70mm projection … Continue reading

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Duck And Cover: Hero Complex Asks Whether “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Is Overrated.

Oh boy … here’s one that’ll get the fanboys a-rioting. With the 30th anniversary of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” upon us, the folks at Hero Complex tackle a thorny question: Is the warmly remembered film of our youth actually … Continue reading

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The Five Faces Of “The Great Gatsby:” The Trouble With Getting A Great Book Right On Film.

With the release this week of new set photos of the Baz Luhrman-directed “The Great Gatsby” hitting the Web, I got to thinking about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale of The Jazz Age and why, despite the best efforts of … Continue reading

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Grading The Historical Accuracy Of “My Week With Marilyn.”

Writing in The Guardian This Morning … … critic Alex von Tunzelmann gives the new Michelle Williams film (already being touted as Oscar-bait for the talented actress) a grade of C+ for its historical accuracy. For those not in the … Continue reading

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