The Daily Dark Knight: More Details For The Fanboys.

Christian Bale as Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises."

A total nerdgasm here (courtesy of Comic Book Movie):

The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue will be released on Dec 21 with M:I4, but *only* in theatres with a proper film projector – no digital! 

So make sure it’s a proper 70mm projection otherwise you’ll be disappointed! 

However, the full movie will be shown in IMAX digital theatres, so it’s not all just for the lucky few in London. 

No – it’ll be shown on the digital screens too in the summer, but if you can see it in 70mm it’ll be worth the effort. 

You’ll be able to see it in digital IMAX when the movie gets released next year. Plus there’s a regular trailer out at Xmas.

All that comes from special effects guy Paul Franklin’s Twitter feed. The movie hits theaters in July.

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