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Tom Cruise joins “Magnificent Seven” remake.

OK: I’m willing to countenance a remake of the classic 1960 John Sturges western that cast Steve McQueen, Yul Brenner, James Coburn, Charles Bronson and others as cowboys protecting a remote town. Heck, it was a remake of the immortal … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise Sings In “Rock of Ages” Trailer.

Be afraid … be very afraid. (h/t Entertainment Weekly)

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Sequels The World Doesn’t Need Dept: Someone’s Writing A “Top Gun” Sequel.

From TotalFilm comes the news that Peter Craig (“The Town“) has been hired by Paramount to pen a sequel to the 1986 military recruiting flick starring Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis. Here’s the nut graf: “As … Continue reading

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Jeremy Renner Talks Hawkeye, The Avengers.

Actor Jeremy Renner, who plays the archer “Hawkeye” in next summer’s “The Avengers” sat down for an interview recently with an Australian newspaper to talk about his career and his star turn in director Joss Whedon’s superhero team flick. He … Continue reading

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New Tom Cruise Movie Filming In Pittsburgh And A Look At Pennsylvania’s Film Tax Credit.

From On Location Vacations: “Filming in Pennsylvania: “One Shot,” starring Tom Cruise, is filming in Pittsburgh.” If you’re a regular reader of this blog, and you’ve clicked on the “So You’re Probably Wondering” link on the top of this page, … Continue reading

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“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” Trailer.

Here’s the trailer for the latest installment of Tom Cruise’s spy franchise. It hits theaters in December. The Guardian notes this morning that the movie has to: “to walk a very delicate line. On one hand, it has to reinvent … Continue reading

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