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“Amazing Spiderman” Trailer Leaked, Quickly Removed.

Hey True Believers. The trailer for the new “Amazing Spiderman” flick was briefly leaked today and then abruptly taken down. Apparently Sony doesn’t have much in the way of a sense of humor about these things. Here’s one taken with … Continue reading

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Top 10 “Missing Movies” Of All Time.

Here’s One From Salon … … today on movies that you’re likely to never see in the theaters because they're no longer available for public viewing or their prints have vanished or been destroyed. Included among them is the little-seen … Continue reading

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Who Was That Masked Man (and his rapidly expanding supporting cast)?

It’s getting mighty crowded in the desert. The Orlando Sentinel’s Roger Moore reports that director Gore Verbinski’s remake of “The Lone Ranger” (y’know, the one where Johnny Depp inexplicably plays Tonto) has added a ton of supporting cast. “There’s a … Continue reading

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