RIP, Hammer Films Scribe Jimmy Sangster.

The chances are pretty good that even if you don’t know Jimmy Sangster’s name, you know his work.

Sangster, who died this week at age 83, was the writer behind such legendary British horror flicks as “Dracula,” starring the still-terrifying Christopher Lee, and “The Curse of Frankenstein,” along with other films for famed UK studio Hammer Films.

The BBC reports this morning that Sangster began his film career as a gopher and a clapper boy, moving through the ranks to become an assistant director. He wrote his first film “A Man on the Beach” in 1955. He won fame with his 1957 version of “Frankenstein” before moving on to write “The Mummy” in 1959.

According to the BBC, Sangster told one interviewer in the 1990s: “All of a sudden I’m a cult figure. But it’s all due to about five movies: a couple of Frankensteins, a couple of Draculas and a Mummy.”

Here’s a pretty cool mini-doco about the legendary British studio:

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