Jennifer Lawrence In “The House at the End of the Street.”

She might be Katniss Everdeen, the ferocious heroine of “The Hunger Games” to most filmgoers this weekend, but actress Jennifer Lawrence has another project coming out soon: “The House at the End of the Street,” directed by Mark Tonderai.

From Entertainment Weekly: here’s a first look at the movie:

Here’s what Tonderai has to say about the movie:

“She’s a high school kid, about 17, and they’ve just moved into this new area,” Tonderai says. “Her father was in a rock band and was never around. The mother, in the early part of her life, was always out on the road with her husband taking drugs and getting drunk. When she cleaned up and they got divorced, she was always out working. Suddenly, she thinks she wants to engage and be a parent, but at this point her daughter is becoming a woman and has been left to herself for a long time. She rejects these overtures of motherly love.”

Part of the story is about the damage bad families can cause. “I wanted to talk about how a parent’s love can help us or hinder us in becoming the people we are,” the filmmaker says. “It’s very much about a girl who’s becoming a woman, but her mother still feels she can do an audit on her life. The daughter is rebelling against that. She’s the petulant daughter, and [Shue] is the mother who doesn’t understand.”

The movie opens Sept. 21.

Read the full story here.

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