Hayley Atwell On a Return for Peggy Carter; Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 3?

And here’s some superheroine news to get your Monday morning going.

Comely Brit Hayley Atwell, who won fans’ hearts as British agent Peggy Carter in last summer’s “Captain America” has some thoughts on how her character and the still-youthful Steve Rogers might be reunited in the films.

“I don’t know, obviously he can stand the test of time. Peggy can’t. She’s either long dead by now or in her eighties. I would love for them to have some kind of bitter-sweet reunion in an old people’s home. He’s obviously looking forward to something fabulous and she doesn’t really have her own teeth any more! It would be bitter-sweet. I’m rooting for that. I’m hoping something like that happens.”

“It was amazing, it was so big. It was a $150 million production. It was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before. So walking onto set every day was almost like walking onto an adventure land, like Disney land. The set and the props were so big. Beautiful. Chris was great fun, he’s very talented, a good musician, a good singer, good dancer – really annoying!”

Here’s some video:

And with “The Avengers” just weeks away, there’s apparent confirmation thatScarlett Johansson’s deadly Natasha Romanoff might make her return in “Iron Man 3.”

Citing a report by Feature Film Casting, ComicBookMovie reports that, “along with the call for extras and a few (previously known) details on the movie, they reckon Johansson’s return as Black Widow is a done deal. They also report that Don Cheadle will be back as Rhodey, and Gwyneth Paltrow will once again appear as Pepper Potts.”

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