Weekend Box Office: “Hunger Games” Scarfs Up $155 Million On Opening.

OK. So this one shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. “The Hunger Games” ruled the box office roost this weekend, taking in a truly insane $155 million, propelling a 111 percent increase in ticket sales over the weekend before.

Anyone who doesn’t think this won’t end up a Harry Potter-style, cash-gobbling franchise has another thing coming. It’s probably only a matter of time before the amusement park rides open.

From BoxOfficeMojo, here’s the weekend, by the numbers:

1 N The Hunger Games LGF $155,000,000 4,137 $37,467 $155,000,000 $78 1
2 1 21 Jump Street Sony $21,300,000 -41.3% 3,121 $6,825 $71,051,000 $42 2
3 2 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Uni. $13,100,000 -42.5% 3,677 -92 $3,563 $177,300,000 $70 4
4 3 John Carter BV $5,014,000 -63.1% 3,212 -537 $1,561 $62,347,000 $250 3
5 5 Act of Valor Rela. $2,062,000 -44.8% 2,216 -549 $931 $65,942,000 $12 5
6 4 Project X WB $1,950,000 -51.8% 2,065 -857 $944 $51,752,000 4
7 6 A Thousand Words P/DW $1,925,000 -47.0% 1,787 -108 $1,077 $14,926,000 $40 3
8 N October Baby (2012) Gold. $1,718,000 390 $4,405 $1,718,000 1
9 7 Safe House Uni. $1,400,000 -48.5% 1,330 -590 $1,053 $122,600,000 $85 7
10 8 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island WB $1,373,000 -42.5% 1,340 -595 $1,025 $97,155,000 $79 7

Meanwhile, the New York Times takes a look at World Wrestling Entertainment’s adventures in the movie biz.

The global brand has its hands in a pair of action films, “The Day,” and “No One Lives.” It even managed to convince Hugh Jackman to participate in a recent episode of its weekly “Monday Night Raw” series.

Here’s the nut graf:

“With 13 pay-cable events each year, six television broadcasts a week, a line of Mattel action figures and various other properties, WWE has the kind of marketing clout that should be able to give its film projects — previously dominated by mediocre vehicles for fading wrestlers — the juice they need to be commercial. Successful. Maybe even respectable.

“To some degree we’re under a microscope,” Mr. Luisi said of WWE Studios, “because people are scratching their heads a little bit and saying, ‘What exactly are they up to here?’ ”

He likens the wrestling powerhouse to the Walt Disney Company, smiling as if to acknowledge the incongruities. “We have a very iconic brand; we have a core of fervent fans; we have motion-picture production, television productions, live events, consumer products, digital and social media,” he said before adding: “It’s certainly a brand very different from the Disney brand, and we are TV-PG. But we’re a family brand at the heart. You wouldn’t think of it that way. But you wouldn’t expect to see the Muppets on ‘Monday Night Raw,’ and there they were.”

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