Godzilla vs. Cthulhu

Didn’t know about this one …

The Mask of Reason

I loves me some Godzilla.  I REALLY loves me some Cthulhu.  So like chocolate and peanut butter, putting them together seems like an awesome combination.


I had no idea there was so much fan work of this type, but there are indeed GvC fans out there.  There’s even a whole story on fanfiction.net.  I will warn you, the links above exceed your daily allowable dose for awesome.

Now to put on my nerd cap.  Let’s decide who would win in a battle between these titans.

On the one hand, Godzilla has regeneration, terrifying claws, a thick, semi-prehensile tail usable as a whip, and atomic fire breath.  On the other hand, Cthulhu.  Seriously, he’s a god.  He can make you go mad just from looking at him.  He also can’t actually die, so…points to Cthulhu here.  But wait!  Godzilla has, if he isn’t smashing Tokyo to…

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