Andrew Garfield felt ‘disillusioned’ making Spider-Man

This ought to be interesting — right before the movie comes out.


British actor Andrew Garfield has said that making the latest Spider-Man movie left him feeling disillusioned. The 28-year-old plays the superhero in the new film The Amazing Spider-Man.

Speaking to the Radio Times he said that during filming he dreamt of returning to “simpler times” of “struggling…auditioning and getting turned down (and) wondering if I’m ever going to get another job”.

He added that the role meant he had “lost a bit of innocence”. He said “To achieve what you set out to achieve and realise it’s not what you want, it’s disappointing” adding “This role had been something I’d always, always wanted to do. Then you realise it’s like any other acting job.

“Some days it’s great, others you feel lost. And I’d always felt that if I got certain roles then I’d be set for life, emotionally, professionally. It would be Utopia. But you never get to…

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