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The 50 Greatest Star Wars Scenes Of All Time.

Courtesy of the good folks at TotalFilm, here’s a chance to blot out the memory of this month’s cash-in … erm … 3D re-release of “Phantom Menace.” The mag’s online editors have put together a slideshow of the 50 greatest … Continue reading

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Crazy Cool: 30,000 Piece Lego “Star Wars” Diorama.

The Force Is Strong With This One: From IO9: “Teacher Jay Hoff spent about six months recreating this scene from ROTJ. It cost him about $2,300 and took him around 30,000 Lego pieces.” Unbelievable.

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The Force Is Strong With This One.

Because some people are still surprised when they find out who Luke’s father is, that’s why.

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