Guardian Gives Four Stars To Final “Potter” Flick.

Writing in The Guardian of London today, film critic Peter Bradshaw has nothing but kind words for the final installment of the “Harry Potter” saga.

Here’s the germane part of the review:

“The colossal achievement of this series really is something to wonder at. The Harry Potter movies showed us their characters growing older in real time: unlike Just William or Bart Simpson, Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry was going to grow up like a normal person and never before has any film – or any book – brought home to me how terribly brief childhood is. The Potter movies weren’t just an adaptation of a series of books, but a living, evolving collaborative phenomenon between page and screen. The first movie, Philosopher’s Stone, came out in 2001, when JK Rowling was working on the fifth book, Order of the Phoenix, and when no one – perhaps not even the author herself – knew precisely how it was going to end. The movies developed just behind the books, and it’s surely impossible to read them without being influenced by the films. This is most true for Robbie Coltrane’s endlessly lovable, definitive performance as Hagrid.”

I should probably add that there are some spoilers in the review. But if you’re going to see this movie, the chances are you’ve read the books already.

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