Emma Stone’s Big Summer Continues.

It’s turning out to be a pretty good summer for actress Emma Stone.

She has a decent cameo in “Friends with Benefits” and plays a key role in “Crazy Stupid Love” which opens on Friday. That’s not to mention a role in “The Help,” which also opens this summer.

And, now according to Orlando Sentinel film critic Roger Moore, the comely, auburn-haired actress has apparently been offered the lead in Warners’The Gangster Squad:”

Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie and Giovanni Ribisi have already been cast as the cops vs. gangsters leads in this LAPD period piece about the 1940s-50s fight against Mickey Cohen and the forces of organized crime,” Moore writes this morning.

That’s some pretty august company.

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I'm an award-winning journalist in Harrisburg, Pa. I also run and cook all the things.
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