The Best Superhero Movies Of All Time?

So that’s the question that the good folks over at DigitalSpyUk are posting to their readers this morning.

So I figured I’d get in on the act as well. What is the best superhero flick of all time? Is it the original 1978 “Superman” starring Christopher Reeve or the 1982 sequel “Superman II?” Is it any of the innumerable “Batman” flicks starting with the cheesetastic 1966 original with Adam West and Burt Ward or the 1989 reboot with Michael Keaton? Or how about 2005’s “Batman Begins” with Christian Bale?

Which of the Spiderman or X-Men flicks make the cut? Any of the Punisher or Fantastic Four movies? How about Daredevil or Elektra? Any devotees of Captain America, Thor or the new Green Lantern movie?

Take our online poll this morning, and add your picks in the comments:

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1 Response to The Best Superhero Movies Of All Time?

  1. Mike S says:

    You’d need to add X-Men 2 and Spidey 2, no? (Certainly over Daredevil!)

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