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Watch The New “Amazing Spiderman” Trailer.

The day job completely took over my life yesterday, so I completely missed the debut of the new trailer for “The Amazing Spiderman.” This means I may be the last person on the Web to have seen it. Here’s my … Continue reading

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HQ “Ghost Rider” Clip From This Week’s “Scream Awards.”

You can ask yourself all you want whether the world needs another “Ghost Rider” movie. You’re getting one whether you want it or not. Here’s a clip of the Nicholas Cage-starrer that debuted at the Scream Awards on SpikeTV earlier … Continue reading

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Man Of Steel’s Michael Shannon: “I’m Not Going to Impersonate Terrence Stamp.”

This from TotalFilm: Actor Michael Shannon, who’s playing classic Superman baddie General Zod in Zach Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” says he’s going to offer his own take on the character. “I’m not going to impersonate Terence Stamp,” he told MTV. … Continue reading

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The Best Superhero Movies Of All Time?

So that’s the question that the good folks over at DigitalSpyUk are posting to their readers this morning. So I figured I’d get in on the act as well. What is the best superhero flick of all time? Is it … Continue reading

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