There Can Be Only One “Highlander” Director.

But right now, they don’t even have that.

English movie mag Empire reports this morning that director Justin Lin has jumped off the Summit Pictures’ reboot of the adventures of the ageless Scottish warrior who keeps his immortality as long as he keeps his head attached to his shoulders.

Here’s the skinny:

“Lin, who last brought the world the shining majesty of abs, sweat, cars, blood, guns and Rock that was Fast Five, has decided that he simply won’t have the time to bring the McCloud clan back to the big screen, since he’s busy with not only a sixth Fast & Furious outing, but a plan to craft a new Terminator. Talking of, he told The Playlist yesterday that he’s already had an informal sit down with both James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger about that particular project…

Summit is looking to get Highlander moving as quickly as possibly, likely so it can have another potential fantasy franchise up and running for when the Twilight cash cow stops pumping out its milky vampire dollars.”

Read the full story here.

The original 1986 “Highlander” directed by Russell Mulcahy and starring French actor Christopher Lambert, who improbably had to strap his Gallic chops around a Scottish accent, remains a sentimental favorite around Cineaste World HQ.

This has less to do with Lambert’s performance as 16th century immortal Highlander Connor Macleod and more to do with the scenery-chewing done by Clancy Brown, who played the ageless baddie out to take Macleod’s head. Bonus points also for Sean Connery, who made no attempt to ditch his Scottish brogue as he played the ancient Egyptian-turned-Spaniard who mentors Macleod in the way of the immortals. It also featured a cheesetastic soundtrack from Queen, which lent the proceedings exactly the right amount of bombast.

The movie was a hyperviolent glorious mess that also happened to be insane fun to watch. It spawned four sequels, each with diminishing box office returns and increasing amounts of stupidity, as well as a syndicated television show with Adrian Paul playing Lambert’s immortal cousin Duncan (a family of immortals? Thanksgiving must have take forrreeeverr ….).

I can’t imagine what good can come out of a reboot, since the sequels were a tangled mess that only served to dilute the franchise. But hey, one must find the cash cows where one can.

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