Anne Hathaway Watched BritSoap to Perfect Accent for “One Day.”

The Week of Hathaway continues this morning with the news that Ms. Hathaway turned to the venerable English soap Emmerdale” to hone her Yorkshire accent for the newly released “One Day.”

The Telegraph has the story:

“The American actress was in Britain for the film’s London premiere last night waring a white lace Alexander McQueen dress. British actor Jim Sturgess, who portrays Dex, and the film’s director, Lone Scherfig (“An Education”), also attended.
Scherfig faced critcism for choosing Brooklyn-born Hathaway instead of an English actress. She admitted the hardest part of the role was learning to speak with a Leeds accent.

But she also admitted her secret was watching Emmerdale and asked anyone she met from Yorkshire to speak to her.
She said on the pink carpet screening at the Westfield Shopping Centre in West London: “Emmerdale’s great. We don’t have programmes like that in America so it was actually quite exotic for me.

In an earlier interview she said: “People feel so possessive over Emma and so it’s not only that they want you to get her right, they really don’t want you to get her wrong”

Read the full story.

Here’s a clip from Emmerdale so you know what Hathaway is talking about:

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