New Avengers Teaser Poster, Dark Knight Rises Released.

Courtesy of IO9, here’s a new Avengers’ teaser poster:

And from Comic Book Movie, here’s some early teaser interviews with Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The full interviews have been removed, but highlights from Hathaway include:

“Anne Hathaway was happy to be able to finally talk about the movie, then proceeded to not have much to tell because things are “still under wraps”.
-She was asked about her reaction to the catsuit photo going online and said that it was “overwhelming”.
-When asked about the other women who played Catwoman and she said it was an honor to be among them, blah, blah, blah. She says she didn’t want to use any of them as inspiration since they all had their own take.
-Even though her big break was in The Princess diaries, as a child she had always wanted to be Catwoman rather than a princess.”

And from Bale:

“Bale says he will miss playing Batman after this–even wearing the suit is just too “f*cking cool”.
-He’s asked a couple questions he refuses to answer about Bruce’s relationship with Selena Kyle.
-When asked if this movie truly ends with the trilogy, he says that he doesn’t really know but is just doing what Nolan tells him to because he really has a handle on where this is going to end up. But that HE feels its the right time to wrap it up.
-Bale confirms that Batman’s drive is still fueled by his parent’s death, but that he realizes that he’s sacrificed a lot of his life to it and that he’s going to have to relearn to enjoy life.
-Bale says he’s impressed with Tom Hardy (BANE) who is a facinating actor who is “gleeful” coming to work every day.
-When asked about their fight scenes, he gives the standard answer about following the fantastic stunt guys instructions and trying to tell a story in the fight so it won’t get dull.”

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