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The Story Behind “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Via FlickeringMyth, here’s an inside look at the best film in the original “Star Wars” trilogy. The report, from TotalFilm, sheds some fascinating light on the film, including the reasonable fear that director George Lucas might not be able to … Continue reading

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New Avengers Set Photos, NYC.

Here’s some of the best shots I’ve seen so far of Scarlett Johannssonn as “Black Widow,” Chris Evans as “Captain America” and Jeremy Renner as “Hawkeye.” According to Comic Book Movie, these scenes were shot yesterday in New York. Here’s … Continue reading

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Movie Review – Jonah Hex (2010) (via The Galactic Pillow)

Agreed. This movie was an ill-conceived mess. And not even the presence of Megan Fox in a corset could save it. While he’s known to the fanboys, Jonah Hex has never been a household name to casual comics readers. Makes … Continue reading

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The Living Ghost (USA, 1942)

Name: The Living Ghost Release Date: 1942 Writers: Howard Dimsdale (story); Joseph Hoffman (screenplay) Director: William Beaudine Cast: James Dunn: Nick Trayne Joan Woodbury: Billie Hilton Paul McVey: Ed Moline Vera Gordon: Sister Lapidus Norman Willis: Cedric, the Butler J. … Continue reading

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