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“Star Wars” Swordmaster Bob Anderson Dies, Aged 89.

So someone had to teach Mark Hamill, David Prowse and Sir Alec Guinness how to convincingly wield those light sabers. His name was Bob Anderson. And he’s died at age 89. Digital Spy UK has the story: “The fighting trainer … Continue reading

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The Story Behind “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Via FlickeringMyth, here’s an inside look at the best film in the original “Star Wars” trilogy. The report, from TotalFilm, sheds some fascinating light on the film, including the reasonable fear that director George Lucas might not be able to … Continue reading

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Darth Vader Goes All Emo in Star Wars Blu-ray Editions.

It’s bad enough that, in “Revenge of the Sith” prequel, George Lucas took one of the most frightening villains in the filmdom and transformed him into a fallen Jedi with one too many Fallout Boy records. Now, courtesy of IO9, … Continue reading

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