Film Bits: Movie Talk Around The Blogosphere.

Hello and welcome to Film Bits. This feature proved so popular when I did it last week that I’ve decided to give it another whirl.

Here’s a quick summary of movie talk on other WordPress blogs. As ever, link backs to your humble blogger are appreciated, but not required.

1. Musings of a Trini Girl in London went to the annual Caribbean Film Festival and here’s her report. I’m guessing, but can’t be sure that this is part of the annual Notting Hill Carnival celebration? Someone please set me straight on this.

2.  ScreenPhiles says the next installment of the James Bond series will be called “Carte Blanche,” which is the title of an actual Bond novel — but not by the late Ian Fleming.

3. Linked in Hollywood looks at the weekend ahead for filmgoers. I’m actually going to try to get out this weekend myself.

4. The Droid You’re Looking For lists the fictional robots they’d like to hire. It will not surprise you to learn that the Fembots from Austin Powers are included among them.

5. Evertime Realms would like you to support a new comics documentary that’s currently in production.

6. What Eye Thought has a pic of comely pop star Rihanna on the set of the utterly ill-conceived “Battleship” movie.

7. There’s A Reason for the World goes back and looks at 1999’s “Cruel Intentions.” Wow … has it really been that long?

8. Reading is Delicious reviews the year in movies so far.

9. CBS Philly reviews “The Debt,” which is opening this weekend.

10. And, finally,  B+ Movie Blog rightfully sings the praises of character actors.

There’s some reading here for everyone. I’ll be back with some fresh content a little later this morning.

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I'm an award-winning journalist in Harrisburg, Pa. I also run and cook all the things.
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2 Responses to Film Bits: Movie Talk Around The Blogosphere.

  1. J2d9 says:

    Thanks you for the mention 🙂 But just to clarify Caribbean Film Corner is part of the annual Portobello Film Festival. Its just 4 nights of the two week festival. I believe the venue for the Caribbean Film Corner screenings is associated with notting hill carnival but not directly with the festival. I would love there to be an actual Cariibean Film Festival in London one day in the future so lets keep hoping! 🙂

  2. jlmicek says:

    Thanks for correcting the record! And thanks so much for swinging by. Loved your blog.

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