“Man of Steel” Has Its Daily Planet.

The newspaper geek/ex-Chicagoan in me rejoices at this report from Chicago Business:

“Filming of the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel,” lands in Chicago on Wednesday with two downtown buildings playing the role of the Daily Planet.

The Chicago Board of Trade’s imposing Jackson Boulevard edifice will portray the exterior, sources said, while Willis Tower on South Wacker Drive will serve as the interior of the newspaper office where superhero alter ego Clark Kent works as a reporter.

Filming in Chicago is set to take place from Wednesday to Sept. 17 or 18, but few details are available. It isn’t known whether any film permits have been filed for shooting scenes on streets or other public sites, and the Chicago Film Office, which handles film permits, did not return calls.

Read the full story (h/t IO9).

If the building looks familiar, that’s because it pulled duty as The Wayne Tower in The Batman Franchise. And check out the video link below. For some reason, the embed code did not take.


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