Netflix, Qwikster and Your wallet (via Rants & Rage)

The backlash against Netflix’s apparent corporate suicide continues. Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

The video rental service’s stock is down 38 percent from Sept. 15 through Tuesday, Bloomberg News reports this morning. That’s devastating.

Netflix, Qwikster and Your wallet Okay, so you have a Netflix account.  You do the whole streaming thing AND the DVD thing (or BluRay if that's your flavor).  And all is good.  You watch a DVD, put it into that little red envelope and eagerly await your next red envelope to arrive.  And in between DVD's, you stream thousands of shows to your TV.  Ahhh, that's the life, isn't it?  *Screach* "Not so fast there movie-buff.  We need more money." About a year or so ago, Netflix raised … Read More

via Rants & Rage

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