Film Bits: Is Moneyball Worth The Money?

Happy Wednesday, Everyone.
It’s time for Film Bits, my weekly look at other film writing across the WordPressosphere. If you like what you see, consider bookmarking these folks and visiting often.

Two Cranky Guys ask whether the new Brad Pitt vehicle “Moneyball” is worth the gallons of hype being expended on its behalf.

PopSober pens an open letter to Rihanna (who’s starring in the upcoming Battleship adaptation. Don’t worry. There’s a movie tie-in here).

Reinspired looks back at the Jack Black/Kyle Gass comedy “Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny.”

Windy City Nerd watches the “Star Wars” Blu-rays so you don’t have to. There should be hazard pay involved there.

Inside Movies on why already unnecessarily expensive (and often crashingly stupid) 3D movies are about to get even more expensive. And, sadly, the increased price will not translate into movies that actualy deserve to exist.

Oh sweet jumping Jesus … they remade The Lorax? The first one was perfect. FireWire has the teaser poster for the movie, which opens March 2.

CinemaSights reviews Pierce Brosnan’s second outing as James Bond in 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

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