The Daily Dark Knight: Nestor Carbonell On His Role In “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Speaking with Wetpaint, actor Nestor Carbonell, who plays Gotham Mayor Anthony Garcia, had this to say about the latest installment of the Batman saga:

“I finished my part in it and I had a great time. I just went back to that set and it felt like we never left. It was really cool. We had much of the same crew and a lot of the cast. It was great to be back in London. I spent about a week there and then we worked in Pittsburgh as well, which was a blast.”

“It was just great to reconnect with Chris Nolan and to be part of what appears to be an even more epic story if that’s possible. I mean it looks and feels even bigger than the last one.”

(h/t ComicBookMovie)

Also, if Carbonell looks familiar, it may be because you recognize him as this:

I just loved that show …

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