This Lois Has Red Hair.

Can You Tell …

… your Lanas from your Loises?

Ever since Annette O’Toole brought her to life on the big screen in “Superman, The Movie,” in 1978, fanboys of a certain age have grown used to a few things. The first of these is that Christopher Reeve will always, always be Superman.

The second is that Clark Kent’s childhood friend/possible first love Lana Lang had red hair (Kristin Kreuk notwithstanding), while Lois Lane had black hair (thank you, Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher and, sorta, Erica Durance).

Well, kids, get used to forgetting everything you know. Here’s a shot of the very red-haired Amy Adams, who plays Lois in the upcoming “Man of Steel” opposite Henry Cavil’s Clark/Superman.

What say you? Worth leaping over a tall building in a single bound?

(h/t Newsarama)

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