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Joe Queenan: Hollywood Is A Lousy Geography Teacher.

Writing In The Guardian … … the eternally cranky Joe Queenan has a bone to pick with Hollywood over its mastery of geography and why it insists on doing stuff like dropping the comma separating “Minneapolis” and “Minnesota” so a … Continue reading

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HQ “Ghost Rider” Clip From This Week’s “Scream Awards.”

You can ask yourself all you want whether the world needs another “Ghost Rider” movie. You’re getting one whether you want it or not. Here’s a clip of the Nicholas Cage-starrer that debuted at the Scream Awards on SpikeTV earlier … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica Gets A Film Reboot: To Be Set In Show’s New Universe?

With “Anonymous” Writer John Orloff … … signed to pen the screenplay, it looks like the film reboot of everyone’s favorite space opera could be set in the continuity created by Ron Moore, and not the discotastic continuity of the … Continue reading

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