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Joe Queenan: Hollywood Is A Lousy Geography Teacher.

Writing In The Guardian … … the eternally cranky Joe Queenan has a bone to pick with Hollywood over its mastery of geography and why it insists on doing stuff like dropping the comma separating “Minneapolis” and “Minnesota” so a … Continue reading

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Weekend Box Office: The Lion King Roars (Again).

The Mouse roared again this weekend, courtesy of 3-D reissue of “The Lion King.” Fans flocked to the adventures of Simba and Nala and Timon and Poomba (and, yes, I have a 6-year-old daughter, so I know their names). Can … Continue reading

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Dark Knight: A First Look At The Batwing … And Your Weekend Box Office.

Filming for “The Dark Knight Rises” continues in Los Angeles. And, courtesy of ComicBookMovie, here’s a look at The Batwing. There’s some mega-spoilers ahead, so click through at your own risk. And we’re onto this morning’s box office rundown. “Contagion” … Continue reading

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Fall Movie Preview: September 2011 (via Times Like Those)

Here’s at least the second look-ahead to the fall cinema season that I’ve seen on WordPress. It’s been fascinating to see which films people think will resonate with audiences and which won’t. My hope is to get to the cinema … Continue reading

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