Dark Knight: A First Look At The Batwing … And Your Weekend Box Office.

Filming for “The Dark Knight Rises” continues in Los Angeles. And, courtesy of ComicBookMovie, here’s a look at The Batwing. There’s some mega-spoilers ahead, so click through at your own risk.

And we’re onto this morning’s box office rundown. “Contagion” might have ruled the weekend, but “The Help” continues to turn in seriously respectable numbers, even after five weeks in the theaters.

Name: Weekend: Total:
1. Contagion $23.13m $23,13m
2. The Help $8.7m $137m
3. Warrior $5.6m $5.6m
4. The Debt $4.9m $22m
5. Colombiana $4m $29.8m
6. Planet of the Apes $3.9m $167m

7. Shark Night 3D $3.5m $14.8m
8. Apollo 18 $2.9 $15m
9. Our Idiot Brother $2.7m $21.4m
10. Spy Kids $2.5m $34.2m

And in the Monday Must-Read, The Guardian revisits the silent era, and says one of the great tragedies is that so little of it survives. Which makes the refurbishment of a classic Polish film called “Mania” from 1918 all that much more miraculous.

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