Superman Filming in Chicago

Live from Twitter, here’s some some pix of “Man of Steel” shooting in Chicago’s downtown Loop.
Based on what I can see, it’s either the Federal complex around Dearborn or the Daley Center around State Street.



Credit to @mogulnick

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6 Responses to Superman Filming in Chicago

  1. WLibrary says:

    It’s 111 E. Wacker – next to the Hyatt.

  2. jlmicek says:

    Thanks! Couldn’t be 100 percent sure. It’s been a decade since I’ve lived in Chicagoland. My geography is a little rusty.

  3. Gomez says:

    I work in the black building in the picture on the 3rd floor. I had a great view of all the extras rehearsing. They moved in a lot of wind machines for the actual shoot which must have occurred in the evening (9/12/11).

    Then POOF the set is in Union Station this morning (9/14/11). Extras are running up the stairs in the great hall.

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