Ten Female Superheroes Who Need Movies.

Here’s a talker from the comics news site Newsarama:

There’s no shortage of testosterone in the current crop of superhero tent poles. From Superman and Batman to Green Lantern and Spiderman, right on down to b-listers like The Punisher and Blade, strong women have been relegated to supporting roles.

Now, granted, the box office performance of female-centered superhero flicks hasn’t been great. Catwoman? Supergirl? Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, anyone? But as the success of such female-centered shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even Xena Warrior Princess, has shown, women will support female heroes if they’re intelligently written and given exactly the right blend of ¬†femininity and ferocity.

With that in mind, Newsarama writer Alan Kistler put together a slide-show of female-centered superhero flicks just waiting to be made. Our particular favorite: a feature starring DC hero “Manhunter.” The book written by Mark Andreyko was one of our favorites of the last 10 years. Ditto for a flim based on “Birds of Prey” (please forget about the TV show). Get Gail Simone to write the script and you’ve got box office gold.

Click through for the slideshow.

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