Real Steel, Reviewed.

From WordPress blog “Filmophilia.”

The rock-em-sock-em robots flick led the weekend’s box office. Here, the good folks at Filmophilia say you’ll be “surprised, real surprised,” by what looks like a paint-by-numbers Sci-Fi actioner.

Here’s the nut graf:

“The story is well paced and never feels like it’s killing time until the next story beat, its full run time (127 minutes) runs without a single dead spot. The film simply draws you in and constantly entertains.

Shawn Levy shows that he’s capable of so much better with this film. He’s obviously helped by his main cast, the weakness of the side characters is a weakness of the script rather than the directing.

The film features some nice cinematography and editing, with a few inspired uses of focus and numerous wide shots that go on longer than one has come to expect from a robot action movie. Speaking of which, the fight scenes, of which there are many, are well choreographed and thankfully feature steady camera work, giving you the optimal view at all times. Those scenes are downright fun to watch.”

Read the full review here.

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