Dark Knight Update: Scenes From The Batcave?

A Tipster From Romania …
… recounts a recent trip to the “Batcave” set. Via ComicBookMovie:

“OK, peeps, here goes nothing ! I went to the mines with my guides on Sunday. They were closed but Andrea called in some friends of hers that work in the mines (the mines are still active). We had an interesting conversation at one of the guy’s place. Here are the conclusions.

– there were three actors that had scenes in the Batcave. One of them was a woman. It was not Catwoman, sicne the only costume available there was the Batsuit. The woman was dressed casual/civilian.

– the crew shot there for a week, no vehicles present. Two scenes shot in the elevator.

– the mines equipment and “amusement park” was covered in green and blue screen, with the exception of the medical center, which was kept in the shots

– the mining tunnel (used for truck to get salt out) was shot but no vehicles present, like I stated before. I think Nolan is either hiding a new Batmobile or, more likely, plans to CGI the Batwing over the shots.

– the staircase near the elevator was not covered in any green screen, which seems odd, since the original staircase in BB was metallic, this one is wooden.

– some screens were added to the cave (probably batcomputer) – all had green screens

– Bale appears dressed as a civilian, in the Batsuit with the cowl and…wait for it…without the cowl ! (hope its a front shot, cuz we never saw him from the front without the mask!)

– The miners were given a free day in the last two days of shooting (no witnesses?) and it was said another actor is joining the cast. The female actress only shot in one day

– the boats one the water were removed as a request during the filming.

– (unconfirmed) the guys said they heard people say the crew will stay for another week in Cluj, where they supposedly shot on the Citadel (personal impression – the exterior of the Batcave – I shot a video and some pics of the exterior on Monday before leaving – pics and video uploaed on the group. I could not get any reaction from City Hall and Sonia from Castel Film Studios did not know anything”

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