The Short Course: Becoming A Silent Movies Expert.

A Trip To The Moon (1902)

As is their custom, the good folks at Brit film-mag Empire …
… offer you a short course in how to become a silent films expert in just 10 moves.

“From the opening frame of the Lumière brothers’ earliest film to Al Jolson’s first words in The Jazz Singer 32 years later, filmmakers had to tell their stories without recourse to recorded sound. Bummer, no? Thankfully, from Buñuel to Buster Keaton and Arbuckle to Abel Gance, there were enough great talents about to make light work of these limitations. If you think the silent era was all about silly pratfalls, flapper dresses and incessant saloon bar scores – with the odd eyeball slicing thrown in for good measure – think again. With a new silent film, The Artist, paying homage to the era before ‘talkies’, it’s high time to look at a glorious era in movie history. Here, in chronological order, are ten to get you started…”

Read the full piece here.

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