The Daily Dark Knight: Blue Bloods Actor Will Estes Talks Batman Role.

Will Estes, a star of the CBS cops-and-family drama Blue Bloods, talks to 411 Mania about his small turn as a cop in “The Dark Knight Rises.” He doesn’t give too much away, but it’s enlightening nonetheless:

Q: Alright, now suckas gots to know. What is going on with your shooting on The Dark Knight Rises? What is going to happen to Batman? What is going on with Catwoman? Do you get a makeout scene with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle? What is going on, we got to know.

A: If they gave me a cat, no pun intended, to let out of the bag, I would do it. I had a blast. I worked a couple days. I’m supposed to go back and do some more. I’m playing a police officer, but I’m a huge fan of the Dark Knight series, especially Chris Nolan​’s work on it. I’m a huge Christian Bale​ fan. He looks incredible in the suit. I got to actually see the Bat-pod go by, the motorcycle with the huge tires. It’s been a blast and there’s no cat for me to let out of a bad, but I’m looking forward to seeing the film myself.

Q: So you’re not going to put on a mask and red suit and become Robin? Or perhaps become Nightwing?

A: You know I was talking to Chris about that. I suggested it, but he didn’t seem fired up about it.

Q: It seems Nolan does a good job of giving even some minor and incidental characters in his Batman movies some presence and screen time. Do you know what type of character you will have and will you get some lines on film?

A: Yeah, I’ve got a few lines. To be totally clear, they didn’t sit down and break down a whole script for me. And that day, on the day, things got added a little bit. And I’m excited about it. I think frankly between you and me, it’s a part that could get cut out of the film and it would still be a complete movie. But I had a blast working on it. And if Chris Nolan says, “Would you be in my movie?” I got to say yes. I had a great time and I look forward to seeing it.

Q: If you got cut out of the movie, we’d have to start an online campaign to make sure you stay in.

A: I’ve just been telling all my friends that I’m Batman. It just sounds better.

(Via ComicBookMovie)

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