Hayley Atwell Talks Peggy Carter and Captain America DVD.

From ComicBookMovie, the comely British actress talks about her turn as heroine Peggy Carter.

On what drew her to the role of Peggy Carter:

“That’s why I loved the script and what Joe [Johnston, director] was looking for in the actress. I’m quite a strong person and don’t see myself as someone who needs saving, so I just felt like Peggy was someone I could inhabit quite easily. And I grew to love her. As strong as she is, she’s not without her insecurities and own complicated life. That to me is always fascinating when I play a part.”

On her physical change for the film:

“I was worried that once it stopped, I would instantly get really fat – go crazy in some kind of food breakdown. But by the time filming wrapped, my body was in such a different state that I didn’t want to go back. Granted, I’m not doing those crazy workouts, but it’s a reminder of how lucky I am to be doing what I do for a living – every time I get down, I try and think of my friends who are out of work actors that would kill to be in this position. I’m thankful for everything I have and gratitude goes a long way in helping you move stronger through life.”

On her now infamous groping of Chris Evans:

“I don’t know where it came from, but when we filmed his reveal as “Captain America,” I literally reached out and grabbed his man boobs [laughs] – it almost felt unreal. The first time we shot that, I held on for quite a while, which the director felt was a bit much for the film. I was told to do a “light brush over his nipple” – I guess that was more appropriate [laughs]. I was so shocked, I just had to make sure it was real. And let me tell you, it was real and pert and covered in oil and it looked extraordinary in person.”

Read the full story here.

The Captain America Blu-ray DVD is in stores now.

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