Does The Red Skull Return In “The Avengers”?


Will a legendary supervillain make his return in Joss Whedon’s superteam flick?

Movie critic Roger Moore raises that possibility:

“Many a serviceable action piece has been derailed by cut-rated villainy in recent years — Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is the most recent example.
You’ve simply got to go for someone who seems capable of whatever dastardly deeds your character is plotting to have the movie work. Good actors, fine. Denzel’s played a heavy a few times and made it work.
Good actors with menace? That’s a short list. Getting shorter, now that Anthony Hopkins/Alan Rickman and their generation have aged out of it.

So the connecting the dots, looking at toy marketing campaigns that has these folks saying Red Skull, played with villainous verve by the great Hugo Weaving in Captain America, will return to evil-up The Avengers, is good news. Dress him up in Nazi gear, he’s frightening. Give him a red skull, even more so.”

Read the full post here.

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